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Welcome to Mountain Athlete. Our site is simple, and you need to know how to use it to maximize your experience. We train all mountain sports. Our focus is to train you inside the gym to perform outside the gym. We do so by building your fitness, training you specifically for your sport, and maximizing your technical practice outside the gym. You can't do all three at once, so we use mountain sport seasons to fluidly periodize training in order to peak our athletes' fitness for their season.

On the left of the site, at the top, you see Mountain Guide Fitness and Base Fitness. Base Fitness is for the general athlete who wants to achieve an elite level of general physical preparedness for mountain sports. Above Base is Mountain Guide Fitness, which is designed for professionals or recreational athletes who always want to be prepared for the demands of the mountain, be it long days backcountry skiing, peak bagging effort, or a long approach followed by a day of rock climbing.

Below those, you'll see links to pages for specific sports (e.g.: Freeski, Ice Climbing) or sport modes (e.g.: Ski Strength).

Once you subscribe, you will have access to all of the training sessions for all sports and their archives. So which is for you? Let's look at an example:

Let's say you're an avid skier, rock climber, and backpacker. You subscribe to the site in May.

  1. Start with following the Mountain Guide Fitness. Click on the link in the side bar, then on the current date. That will take you to that day's session.
  2. In August, we'll start our sport-specific ski training. Since you're a skier, start following the Freeski Training sessions and stick with those through November.
  3. After November, go back to Mountain Guide Fitness to increase your general level of fitness. If you're skiing a bunch, you don't have to train every session, but still do the sessions in the order they appear on the site, don't skip around.
  4. Around mid-February, the ski season is winding down, but the rock climbing season is approaching. You'll switch to Rock Climbing Training to train sport specifically for that season.
  5. In April, you'll be ready for rock climbing and you can switch back to Mountain Guide Fitness through the summer until August, when you'll start the process over.

This is the same process each athlete will use for their chosen sports. In this way, you'll use the timing of your seasons to design your own training flow.

If you're looking to build general fitness, follow Base Fitness, which is our approach to building a strong, well-rounded athlete.

If you only like to ski or rock climb, and don't do anthing else in the mountains, follow Base Fitness until we begin the sport-specific training for your sport. 


Mountain Athlete is the premier training gym in the world for mountaineers, climbers, big mountains skiers, adventure racers, snowboarders, professional snowmobile racers, explorers and alpinists.

We are on new ground here for mountain sports. There is little tradition for mountain athletes to seriously train in a gym setting in preparation for their sport or expedition. Traditionally they have "trained" by just doing their activity complemented by long slow endurance trail runs, bike rides or other endurance cross training.

We believe these days are coming to an end. Mountain athletes who rise to the cutting edge of their sports will need build a foundation of strength and conditioning on which to build their mountain skills. The training at Mountain Athlete is leading this charge.

Our training is designed to increase the mountain athlete's horsepower, stamina, durability and mental fitness. Our hybrid programming builds an elite level foundation of Base Fitness, on top of which we build blocks of sport-specific strength and conditioning.

Superior strength and conditioning achieved in the gym allows our athletes to be more efficient with their technical training on the mountain. Time formerly spent on conditioning can now be used to further develop and improve technical proficiency. Not only are our athletes stronger and more powerful, they are smarter too.

Mountain Athlete is a private gym located in Jackson, Wyoming. Most of our work in Jackson is with professional mountain athletes. We do have a limited number of slots available for local recreational athletes.

Mountain Athletes and others around the world train with us remotely by paying dues, becoming a remote member of the gym and following along with the sessions we post on this site. Currently we offer several programs you can follow along with including Base Fitness and Climbing/Mountaineering. Access to these sections and their archives rquires a 25$ monthly fee.  Click the "Base Training" link above to sign up. Once enrolled, you will have access to daily programming, as well as years of archives. 

Base Fitness- These sessions are designed to improve overall Strength, Work Capacity and Stamina with little sport specific emphasis involved. The sessions are updated 4 times a week with the goal of providing you with the base fitness to build your sport specific training on. We recommend that all of our new athletes start here and work through at least one cycle each of Strength, Work Capacity and Stamina, before moving on to sport specific training. If you don't have a particular training goal or sport in mind this is a great place to get started in order to improve your overall fitness.

Climbing Training - These sessions are designed exclusively for climbers or those with the goal of climbing. These are the same sessions that our athletes use in the gym to train for all of the climbing we do. Be it rock, ice, mixed, bouldering or mountaineering we sessions for each one and progressions as well depending on your level of ability. These are intense sessions and we strongly recommend that new athletes spend at least a few months working through our base fitness sessions before moving on to these.

Freeski Training - Designed for the elite or pro-level skier, these sessions start in mid-May and run through the ski season. You will move through Strength, Work Capacity, and Stamina but with a graduated specificity towards the physical demands of skiing until it becomes fully sport-specific in October. These are ideal for athetes looking to maximize their technical practice and take their skiing a level higher on the mountain by providing an optimal level of strength, power, recovery, and stamina for skiing.

Other Sport Specific Links - As seasons come and go, we will post links for pages to those sports. We will always transition you out of Base Fitness and into a sport-specific training with timing optimal for each sport. Remember, our training is hard, purposeful, progressive, and always designed to get you to peak fitness for your technical practice on the mountain.

Want to try our training but don't what to commit to membership? We offer two weeks of free training under our 'Free Training' tab. Start on Sessions 1 and work through these sessions in order to get an idea of what our Base Fitness training is like.

Click the links below to watch short training videos of athletes training in our Jackson, WY facility. Also, they are embedded below if you'd like to stay on the page.

Base Fitness
Ice Climbing
Mountain Guides
Endurance Strength

Do you have a specific goal in mind? You can also purchase a sport-specific training program through our online store. We have several programs for sale including programs for Big Game Hunting, Big Mountain Mountaineering, Dryland and Back Country pre-season ski strength and conditioning, a plan for big wall ice/mixed climbing, as well as several others. These are all progressive programs designed to over prepare you for your final goal. Each of these programs has been used with success and provide the means to put you that much closer to achieving your particular goal. To purchase any of these programs simply click on our 'Store' tab and follow the 'Training Programs' link.

If you are a professional mountain athlete, interested in training with us, email

If you are a recreational athlete interested in a slot in our group Base Fitness session or individual coaching, email

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