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It has been close to a year now since my injury and I wanted to say thanks for your help and programming. It was hard getting back into the groove of working out and not being afraid of re-injuring myself, but your low back training plan allowed me to get back to doing the things I love. I am happy to report that this January I was able to summit Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and Chimborazo in succession (~19k, 18k, and 20k feet respectively) with no problems whatsoever! I have also been able to begin pushing myself on sport and trad again. I am very excited for this spring climbing season.

Just thought I'd share, and wanted to say thanks once again.

Rob -
Another quick note to let you know that the 5 Week GoRuck Program worked perfectly. My buddy and I followed the program from 5 weeks out and had no troubles with strength, conditioning or endurance at any point during our event. In fact we were a few of the strongest at the end and finished knowing that we had fitness to spare. That's not bad for a couple of older desk jockeys. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions and producing a program geared towards such a fun event.
Keep up the great work!
"I wanted to thank you for your 5 week Goruck Training plan. I just did the Goruck Challenge 10/27/12. Class 300, and I can tell you that your plan not only helped me physically but mentally also. When I first recieved the plan and started looking through the workouts and how they progressed I thought to myself " no freakin way !", but when I actually did them I realized how much I was capable of and it changed my outlook on the challenge itself. After your workouts I was more motivated and excited to do the challenge because I knew I could do it. Your plan helped me focus on the task at hand and not dread the whole ordeal. I'm 43 and have had knee and back injuries that caused some concern but I believe your plan also kept me injury free because of all the core and leg work. You were right I actually started to love the sandbag getups, what an awesome exercise ! I am going to continue following with Military athlete's programs because they work ! Thanks again."

Hey Rob,

just wanted to thank you again for putting together the Tough Mudder packet, I finished my first race on Sunday in under two hours (11 miles) with gas in the tank, or at least it felt like it. You weren't kidding in saying that the program will certainly over-prepare you - I got through 4 1/2 weeks (I bought it late for my comp) and felt like that was even more than enough. Anyway, thanks again, you guys rock.


Just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I was in Jackson in late August and climbed the Grand with Exum. I thought I would be ready for an early morning workout with you on Friday, the morning after the Climb was completed, but it turned I was a little beat to say the least and then had to leave for Vermont . Mike Kirby was my Guide and said he knew you and Ben Gilmore was the instructor for me and several others in the classes and I spoke with him about this experience with your programs and I had seen him on a couple of your web site videos, so it was a nice connection.

I worked the Big Mountain Program prior to climbing and am so glad I did. I could not imagine making that effort at that altitude without the benefit of having worked your program. My fitness was especially noticeable on the early morning climb to the summit which was a most anaerobic and mammoth natural “stair climber.’’ I was fortunate not to have headaches or other complications from altitude and I think a large part was due to an increased fitness level. I felt that I could hold my own and feel inspired to start the program over again. I injured my right leg in mid-May which plagued me through-out the summer, but I was able to time things so I could summit and descend without too much leg difficulty.

In any event, I want to return and when I do, plan on getting together with you . Thanks so much for your programs and web site, both are excellent.



Just back from the High Andes of Peru. I did the Big Mountain Training Program program before I left. Worked like a champ. Put on a ton of weight, legs were unstoppable. Great program.

- C.M.


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